11.8.440 not enough space for updating all features.

11.8.440 not enough space for updating all features. I see this message on the firmware information page but the link provided goes nowhere.

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• On devices with 2 GB of flash storage it could happen that there is not enough space for updating all features. In this case, a corresponding error message occurs. Please visit [https://kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/error-not-enough- space-on-local-drive-when-updating-to-igel-os-11-04-or-higher-32870765.html] for a possible solution and additional information. The devices are UD2-LX 50 with 4GB flash drives. I see only 1603 free so I think this is the problem. Not all of the UD2-LX 50’s are getting this message. I was thinking of trying to restore to factory defaults then try the update. but I was hoping I could see this article with how to resolve the issue.

Then — I would look at the big ones to remove a couple that are not used.


I had this device setup as a Buddy/Master. I just moved the role to a device with more storage. waiting on it to finish loading the firmware then I will try to update again. the URL kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/error-not-enough-space-on-local-drive-when-updating-to-igel-os-11-04-or-higher-32870765.html

That let me update it. Not in the document but it did have a mention about a modified firmware on Buddy/Master and that is what gave me the idea to look if it was a Buddy/Master. Not enough space to download the firmware. I do have a few that still wont let me update them. going to try reset factory defaults to see if that will remove the `lxos-full.inf` file from the last update when it was setup as a Buddy/Master.

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