A french keyboard is not configured after login logoff

Hello, we are forcing a french keyboard on a specific IGEL device. The first login in the Citrix session does apply the french profile, but after the session is disconnected/reconnected, the keyboard switches back to swiss. How does this work ? Thanks in advance, cheerrs,

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Try with…


Thanks for the reply, but just to be sure, are you telling me to post que question there ?

No, there you have 2 Possible solutions:

1.- Disable UDT keyboard configuration on server side.

2.- kb.igel.com/igelos-11.08.330/en/unexpected-keyboard-layout-in-a-citrix-session-90219268.html

Sorry I had a display problem, didn’t see the article properly… thanks a lot.

You ́re welcome.

This is the way… this community works (Help each other). :hugging_face:

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