Advice on how most admins use the Profiles in IGEL UMS

Hi, I am curious how most of you use the profiles in UMS. For almost all our customers we use the Appliance Mode function to connect to our private cloud workspaces like Citrix, RDS and VMware View. To keep it functional for our Servicedesk who have to support it, I always make one base profile with the most important settings in it and for the custom things like audio, usb access, wake-up lan etc. I make optional profiles which I can add to groups or add to individual Igel endpoints if necessary.

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I wonder how you make your profiles and what I can still can learn from it 😊

I have profiles for each individual setting (exceptions apply). One time the effort for max flexibility.

Important for me was a naming convention so you’ll see what each profile does.

I also prefer the method Falk is using.

How do you manage profiles across different firmware versions? We have a bunch of V5 and tons of v10. We are currently managing two different sets of profiles.

i have one profile for all LX-Versions (4,5 and 10). Only exception is firmware updates. you have to be careful about features and use of citrix receiver version though

@member You can use “general” profiles with settings that fits all LX-versions (4, 5, 10) and than “individual” ones depending on the LX-version.

I use the UMS profiles per client so each client have there own profile maybe not ideal but it’s functional

Similar to others, at the top level have all the base settings (in each profile) and then more granular profile settings at the sub folders underneath.

Makes it easier to troubleshoot and ensure consistency across all of the devices.

Thanks all, It is nice to hear that everybody has it’s own way of working .

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