After changing the DNS CNAME on UMS, IGEL OS’s about page shows old server IP address?

I moved UMS (6.02.100) from one server to another, updated the DNS CNAME and everything seems fine. Then, I notice TCs (10.05.830) “About” box is still showing UMS old server IP after reboots. I “reset to factory” a few and they all show new IP afterward. Should I be concerned about the rest of my TCs? Thanks!

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So, when you are saying that you updates the DNS Cname, you mean the igelrmserver ones or the real server name?

If you meant that one (type a, igelrmserver) and you checked the igelrmserver is resovable from the endpoint: it may help to kind of override the assignation.

create a profile where under

System,Remote management you enter the name of the new server and assign it to a few devices to test.

did you change the ip address for the dhcp option 224 to the new server as well (if it applies)

@member I changed the “igelrmserver” DNS. The Profile method works, some how the old address is stuck in TC UMS record. As soon as the Remote Management Profile is removed, the old address shows back up… @member DHCP Option 224 is not used. Just a single “igelrmserver” DNS entry for the company.

Ok, thanks for that! Then, can you describe a bit how you moved the server? I mean which files or components did you restore?

@member I copied the current rmdb to a SQL db, then from the new server copied SQL db to its rmdb.

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