After closing Citrix Storefront session IGEL OS 11 is not shutting the device off, worked under IGEL OS 10?

Hi all, ive bought new IGEL UD3 and updated them to OS11.04.200. Now i have configured them to connect to the Citrix Storefront and launch automatically the published desktop. also I’ve set in the firmware-customizion-tab the setting to automatically shut the client down if the citrix session is disconnected. With IGEL OS 11 it seems that its not working. it only ends the published desktop and stays on the IGEL desktop. with the OS10.06.190 its all working fine. Please help me. Thx.

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The same happend also with OS 11.04.130

Hi, I’m using that feature atm. Can you send us a screenshot of your post Session command AND the Autostart Profile?


Autostart for Application:

Im using the active-directory passthrough because of the screensaver. so that the client gets locked after 10 minutes

On App Autostart:

That checkbox should cover your needs. on PostSession command: I will check later on!

Hi, sorry maybe i wrongly expressed myself. The autostart is working. the published desktop starts like it should. But when i logoff from the the desktop i get back to the igel desktop and the post session command will not be executed. I have configured also that i can access the logout-session (for citrix) on the igel-desktop. When i run the logoff-session the post-session-command will be executed. But i want to logoff from published-desktop on citrix and the the post-session-command should be executed.

Have you tried to switch to another session type in your post-session command?

I’m having the same issue. The shutdown is not working after the session has been closed.

Yes i have tried the sessiontype ‘citrix’ and also the sessiontype ‘citrix-storefront’ but there was the same problem

Have you tried: Shutdown without dialog Command?

Tried in my Lab: Both Shutdown or Logoff worked out of the Box after Citrix last Session logoff.

Did you tried different users?

UMS 6.05.110, Igel OS 11.04.200

@member Is it possible to send me your example profile ? Then i can import and change my parameters for citrix-storefront. Thx.

Sure, but I only set this setting:

Okay. And on the Citrix-Storefront-Configuration ? Did you put there some special parameters or only servername and the name of the published app which should be started ?

Just that:

Thanks. I’ve put only the “necessary” parameters in a new profile and put only this on the client. Now its working. Also with the active-directory-passthrough. I will now look which parameter in my other profiles will block the logoff-process. I will keep u informed.

I would look in the direction of Custom command, this might interfere. Maybe some EDT stuff too:

@member Hi Sebastien, ive tested the last days a lot of configurations and now i found out that the problem occurs every time the cisco jvdi is enabled. If its disabled, the postsession for citrix is working fine, but if the jvdi is enabled the system will not execute the postsession command.

Do you have any idea what i can do to solve this problem ? We have a lot of users who need the jvdi because we have cisco jabber as phone-software in our citrix environment installed.


That’s great feedback! Would you mind to open a ticket and give that feedback back to our Support? We should fix it as soon as it was identified as BUG. Thank you!

Yes i opened a new ticket. But, did you have any idea for an workaround ? Maybe something like a “kill jvdi post session command”? Thx.

I mean, you could check if from CLI, this command works:

systemctl stop vxc

If yes, we could do the following post Session custom command

systemctl stop vxc && user_shutdown

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