After IGEL OS update users are experiencing lagging behavior when dragging a window from one monitor to the other

I just upgraded 5 Igel D220 to OS All of the users on those clients are experiencing lagging behavior when dragging a window from one monitor to the other, and several things like scrolling within Excel or reading an email. Has anybody seen this? Are there adjustments or settings I can change? FYI, we are a Vmware/Citrix shop. I am faitrly new to this community. Thanks in advance.

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Can you tell us a bit more about the Citrix / Vmware (horizon?) stuff? I mean, is the behavior the same between both Architectures?

Assuming we are speaking about Citrix: can you check Sessions, Citrix, Citrix Global, HDX Multimedia, HDX Multimedia is checked?

Also are you using any USB Redirection by chance?

On Options: you might have a look on the last menu: EDT: are you using UDP or did you set TCP maybe?

No Horizon. Just Vmware for everything virtual, and Citrix to deploy the desktops. I checked and HDX Multimedia is not checked. When I checked it, it says I need a codec-pack. No USB redirection.

OS 11 includes the codec pack by default

So I can just leave it checked and push to the clients?

Yep, and if you have old OS 10 devices, they simply won’t be affected unless they have the codec pack license 🙂

Thanks. To add to this, I have converted 5 10Zig clients and they don’t seem to experience the same issue of laggy behavior.

Ok, then it might be interesting to have a look on two things, in addition to the the HDX stiff mentionned before:

• during lag: open the local Task manager, and see how the cpu performs (System menu, when clickcing on Start)

• can you check if Citrix Global, Codec is set to automate

I set codec to automatic. I need to do some more testing.

I have this same issue on 11.04.100. Under Citrix>Citrix Global>Codec I changed the graphical codec from the H.264 Deep compression codec to the JPEG codec and the issue went away. Not ideal though… 🙁

Also, if I leave it at automatic and uncheck the accelerated H.264 Dep Compression checkbox, the issue goes away as well.

Yes, the Citrix Workspace App for Linux has some known issues around hardware offloading of H.264, unfortunately it has been plegging all versions for a hile

Citrix has known issues with GStreamer1.0 which describe problems with

multimedia redirection of H.264, MPEG1 and MPEG2. GStreamer1.0 is used if

browser content redirection is active.

Browser content redirection does not work with activated DRI3 and hardware

accelerated H.264 deep compression codec.

So, you may want to make sure BCR is turned off and DRI2 is active

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