After IGEL UMS upgrade the UMS admin and WebAdmin stopped working?

So, we just upgraded our UMS to the latest version, and I could access the webapp without issue. For about five minutes. Then both the “rich” client and the webapp stopped working. Running on Ubuntu 16.04. Any thought as to what could have happened?

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Can you check if the UMS Service is still running? How many Ram did you assigned to the server? Console/DB both on the server?

Yeah, it is an all in one install. Initially it only had 1GB of RAM. Bumped it up to 2, same issue. Gonna try 4 now!

From ‘top’ I see igemums+ kicking off every minute or so, which I assume is the server starting.

How do I check from the CLI if the service is running?

Uuuuuh….. Please upgrade to 8gb please, that would fit a way better… 😀

I know! I am being cheap!

Just waiting for it to shut down.

Guess I should have RTFM before I started

@member 8GB did the trick. It’s up and running. Thank you for the help

I am guessing the service crashed after I was lucky enough to even get it to launch once.

Btw. for the posterity:

systemctl restart igelRMserver

to restart the UMS Server on Linux

systemctl status igelRMserver

to check the UMS Server status on Linux

Thank you!

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