After installing IGEL OS receiving message “Update of bootcode ongoing”?

We are updating our model 340’s with IGEL OS firmware version 11.03.580 and they continue to show a popup with “Update of bootcode ongoing. DO NOT POWER OFF YOUR DEVICE” after every reboot. Is this normal? Should this only happen once? We have some older Wyse 3290’s flashed to this version and they don’t show this. And our 350 models don’t appear to show this either.

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It should only be shown once tbh… Are you usin g a UD Pocket or a full installation of Igel OS? Any chance to test the 11.04.240?

full install of IGEL OS these devices are the Igel M340C Devices

What happens if you reset one of these devices to factory reset? Does the error disappear then?

Still doing it after factory reset. Right now moving to yet another new fw isn’t an option. We just finished validating 11.03.580 (for the most part) in our environment. This was a last min issue/annoyance.

Can you try it at least?

Looks like that fixed the issue. I guess we’ll start validating against 11.04.240


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