After logging into WVD on IGEL OS 11.05.100 we get a white box

Someone has issues as well with using the WVD client on an Igel thinclient? We are experiencing some issues… Currently on 11.05.100.

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Issue we have with the WVD client: When signing in, you’ll see the MS page were your credentials are placed (that’s normal) but after that, we end up with a white box. Reloading the app sometimes works, sometimes it won’t. It’s never the same terminal/user.

I guess you already tried 11.05.120 Firmware?

Are you accessing directly the resource or via Proxy?

Are Windows Devices also affected?

Tried the 11.05.120, same effect. Windows devices works perfect.

It’s a direct connect, no proxy in-between Azure and customer.

Anyone else know how to resolve this issue?

Tried this out in a VM; which worked fine. On the terminals itself, this issue is a pain in the *ss

I didn‘t see this issue tbh. but I would recommend to open a ticket though.

Alright, will do then

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