After moving UMS to new server, both servers are shown in UMS and old server has license

Hello, I recently moved our UMS server to a new machine. I have installed the same license on the new UMS server as on the old one. In the license overview, both servers are now listed, whereby the old server holds the main license and the new server uses the license synchronously. How can I remove the old server from the overview and set the new server as the main license holder? The old server no longer exists. If I need the old UMS Administrator, I can restore the server from a backup. Thank you very much.

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What do you see under UMS Administration > UMS Network > Server? Do you see both the servers and did we delete the old one from here?

Yes, I see both servers. I missed the server-folder because “UMS Network” wasn’t unfolded. If I delete the old server, will it change the holder of the main license? Thank you.

I tested it and it worked. After deleting the old server, the new server started to hold the main license and the old server disappeared. Thank you for the hint.

Happy to help!

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