After receiving IGEL device back from RMA it won’t pull a license

I am having an issue with one terminal and getting the device to take a license. I sent the device in under RMA because it would not power on and received it back. In that time I have migrated to a new UMS server. I have gone through and removed the device from the UMS, removed the hardware from the licensing portal, deleted the device from the recycle bin. I’ve then reset the device to factory defaults. I pull the device into the UMS and manually assign it a license. It appears the license applies successfully in the UMS but after a reboot it shows as not being licensed. In the license portal the device shows as being licensed. The firmware on the device is I’ve marked the device of the 11 upgrade and still no success in getting the license to apply. Any help would be appreciated.

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You cannot use a WE license on an OS 10 device. You will need to use the IGEL OSC to flash the device to OS 11 and then apply the license.

In all of my other UD3-LX updates, I have migrated to the new UMS server, set the terminal to allow for the OS 11 upgrade, manually applied the WE license and then I have been able to apply the update. On this device with the software on a USB if I try to perform the update it comes up stating it needs the WE license and it will not continue.

Instead of updating, just use OSC and wipe the device. Then apply WE license to it when it is on OS 11

Thank you Christopher. That did the trick.

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