After UMS resetup we receive ICG error “Gateway is NOT connected”

I just had to re-setup our UMS server because of an OS issue. (same hostname, ip etc.)

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Then I could successfully restore the UMS backup from before the incident. Configuration seems OK but…

Now it says that ICG “Gateway is NOT connected”. When I klick on the connect button, the following error appears:

Could not connect to Secure Gateway. No credentials found in database for UMS Server with processId […]

What excactly does this error means? (What credentials?) Certificates (root, signed) and stuff are in place. Did I forget to restore something?

Had the same issue here with @member , let me check.

Thanks, but are you sure it’s the same issue? The error message is quite different.

I believe it‘s related to the restoring process which doesn‘t seem to cover everything, but I might be wrong of course… I would try to delete the connection and recreate it, if that doesn‘t work delete the keystore, make a snapshot of ICG, and recreate it.

If you have self signed certicatea you need do redo all this!

@member after removing ICG from UMS and readding it says: Could not connect to Secure Gateway. 401.

So, that’s the one you meant… 😉 I’ll try the other things you mentioned.

Now I have a new connection.

I had to remove the certificates (root/signed) from UMS and uninstall ICG (opt/IGEL/icg/

After that I could create new certificates and install ICG once again.

I will continue creating UMS-backups but won’t rely on them for disaster recoveries.🙈

Well, on ICG…. …. true😉

Daniel, perhaps good idea to open a support ticket, explain what you did so the collegues can forward this to the dev team for further implementation.

@member I didn’t make many notes/screenshots and I don’t intend to reproduce it. Plus I’ll be out of office for two weeks. So this time no ticket from me sorry.

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