After update to IGEL OS the Wake-on-LAN proxy does not work anymore

We are in the process of upgrading our ThinClients from to We have an update buddy at each site, this will be updated first and then the rest of the ThinClients at the site will be updated via the update buddy.

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But now we have the problem that with update the Wake-on-LAN proxy does not work anymore. In the screenshot the TCMEX10 is the Update Buddy with version, when we try to start other ThinClients through it (WOL Proxy) the following message appears “Unexpected end of input Stream found at 0”. On sites where all ThinClients are still on version, the Wake-on-LAN proxy works without problems.

Which UMS version are you using?

UMS 6.06.110

I will try to reproduce it, did you defined the endpoint as WOL proxy or did it used the WOL Proxy detection?

We use the WOL proxy detection.

Does it work when setting the WOL Proxy manually?

For example, if I manually assign the WOL proxy to an old client (TCMEX15) I can turn on TCMEX14, but if I assign the WOL proxy to a new client (TCMEX13) I cannot start TCMEX14.




Ok, so even on manual assignment… I mean, a couple of features might get redesigned for UMS 6.07.100 coming at end of march, but I can’t promise that WOL is a part of this process. Would you mind to open a ticket?

Yes, I have opened a ticket.

Hello Günther, we have the same problem. After Update the Proxies, no Client wake up. What has the support said?

Unfortunately, we only have the “SELECT” support and are therefore still waiting for feedback. As soon as I have something new, I’ll get back to you.

seeing the same

I received the following link from support without any further info:

I have now made a query because I am actually issued that it is a ThinClient / UMS problem and not a problem with the connection.

I have open a ticket. I send some data to the support and wait. When I have UD3 with 11.05.100 as Wake Up proxies nothing work. When I put a UD3 client with 11.04.200 to the WakeUp Proxy group and restart this client, it works fine. But only the 11.04.200 client communicate with the UMS an the client wich i will wake up. So, it is a failure with 11.05.100

Is there any news from anyone about the problem? I am currently still waiting for feedback from support.

Not officially, but I will ask!

For your Information, I had the same problem with 11.05.100.

I have now downgraded the WakeUp Proxy to and now it works again.

Yes, the Igel Support said, “The problem seems to be a bug, we already have cases with our escalation team looking at it,” They send me an update as soon as they get one.

I just updated the WakeUp Proxy to 11.05.120 and WOL is working!

Therefore, this update has fixed the problem.

Doing some testings with the Pi here, and I can confirm! Thank you @member for bringing that up!

Yes, it works fine!

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