After updating the firmware “Integrated Webcam (VDI)” isn’t available in VMware session anymore

Hi all, after updating to 11.08.200+ our VMware VDI sessions no longer have “Integrated Webcam (VDI)” there all the time. It shows up only after a Web Cam is attached to the device. This is causing an issue with one of our apps, as it needs a webcam attached to begin a call and we only have so many web cams to go around. Anyone know why this happens or a way to spoof a web cam on an IGEL?

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11.08.200+ Only “Integrated Webcam (VDI)” when webcam is actually attached.

Below 11.08.200 No Web cam attached but “Integrated Webcam (VDI)” shows.

There was a change on Horizon Client for Linux 22.03 that Improved RTAV by redirecting the proper device name rather than ‘VMware Virtual Webcam’, I wonder if it’s related:

I would imagine that’s expected behavior… no camera = no RTAV virtual channel. I haven’t tested this, but you MAY be able to create a dummy virtual webcam by activating our virtual background feature. Unsupported, though:

That is probably the cause and that setting does work as a workaround. Thank you very much @member!

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