After updating to IGEL OS 10.06.174 shortcuts stopped working (Terminal ( CTRL-ALT-T) & Windows (CTRL-ALT-DEL))


since update from 10.06.130 to 10.06.174 we have some problems with shortcuts. They don’t work anymore. For exampel: Terminal ( CTRL-ALT-T) & Windows (CTRL-ALT-DEL) Is anyone having the same problem?? :thinking_face:

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Hi, are you speaking about the shortcuts which can be configured in “Setup > User Interface > Hotkeys”?

yes….sorry Hotkeys “Accessories > Terminals > Local Terminal”

Hello, Can‘t test it by myself for the moment but is it happening only on this Private build? If yes, what happens when creating a new Terminal Session locally (Igel Setup or in UMS, right click, Edit Configuration) and assigning a new hotkey like ctrl t or alt t?

Yes, only on this build, version 10.06.130 is ok. If I try to use CTRL-ALT-T for the Terminal, firefox opens the start page? When entered directly via the UMS with ALT-T ist Ok. But the problem with CTRL-ALT-DEL is still not solved…

I just tried firmware 10.06.174 and can confirm a misbehavior of the shortcut. I will do some further testing and will report about updates on this.

Update: the recent publicly available firmware got the same issue, too.

Are you sure with 10.06.170?

Because to our assessment it was 10.06.171 where new Reg key _userinterface.keyboard.toggle_ctrl_alt_

was introduced, but got the wrong default.

So, unfortunately, in …171 upto …174 you need to manually uncheck this key to get the standard behavior.

Will be fixed in the next PBs

Hi @member , thanks for this information. I’ll re-ckeck this later and give an update on this.

It’s exactly like @member said. The behaviour doesn’t occur on 10.06.170.

Thank you very much. After deactivating the registry entry it works -> “Ctrl-Alt-Del”

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