After upgrade, IGEL UMS login takes forver, can’t login

Hi, i have done an upgrade from ums 6.0 to 6.4.120, everything seems to be installed ok. Also the upgrade of the db went ok, but after completion i try to logon to the ums but it stays on connecting. i can’t logon anymore. Someone know where i can find a log of this why this is staying on connecting

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Hi Werner,

is the server having enough Memory (Task Manager)?

Are you opening the Console on the server or remotely?

Logs would be located here: You could check: IgelRemotemanagerinstall.log for some errors or the catalina.log maybe!

Did you restarted the service IgelRMGuiserver?

hi, im am opening it on the server and in the install.log i don’t see any errors. i have already restarted the whole server

And on catalina log? What is the Task manager saying?

Just removed your file (install.log) since they might be internal informations of your company.

ok thx

there is an error about diskspace but now i have 6gb free

Where is the DB located? Embedded on Server or external SQL?

Can you try to re install the update? Just reexecute the setup.

the db is located on the server

but it’s gone true now

it takes a long time

So it works, but it takes a long time, right? Then, I would suspect RAM.

the first time i tooks long, i know check again

now it is direct ok

some more ram because it has only 4gb but i will arange that

Then, please upgrade to 8Gb

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