After upgrading from VMware Blast to PCoIP volume is turned way up on IGEL OS

Not sure if this is right channel, or if this is even an Igel problem, but let’s see! After switching from Blast to PCoIP to address some performance problems, we no longer have sound coming through the VDIs. On the Igel thin clients there is sound coming through when doing the sound test thing. The volume is turned way up. In the VDI, it shows as using the VMware Virtual Audio (DevTap) driver which seems to be the correct driver. All of the sound options are there and it seems like Windows thinks the audio devices are connected, however we have no sound. Any ideas? Igel firmware, Wyse thin client hardware, Windows 10 1809 VDIs and Horizon 7

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Hey @member, there is an IGEL registry key to fix that.

If you are using Imprivata, you will also need to set this variable

Thanks @member! The setting in the first screenshot doesn’t exist, but adding the environment variable shown in the second screenshot worked. Is that expected since we use Imprivata?

@member just a remark on: this function isn‘t available: you should have an actual Firmware 11.02.150 AND Update the profile to this Version to get this function shown (based on, pulldown menu).

@member @member Actually there’s a fix for the sound problem from 11.02.159 on (i.e. PCoIP will have sound with the current lightweight Horizon client, no need more to use the rollback).

But with Imprivata you got to be careful to update. To my knowledge it has problems with IGEL builds.

So it would be better keep the current version and live with the quirk with the env variable.

Latest forecast: Imprivata will harmonize with IGEL OS 11.03.100 again. Is due in mid(ish) Dezember.

Great thank you everyone!

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