After upgrading to IGEL 11.01.100 “Tap your Badge” functionality in Imprivata Appliance Mode in not showing?

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I’m working with a healthcare customer who is using the HP EliteOne 800 G4 Healthcare Edition for their workstation on wheels. It has support for Imprivata baked into the unit. We flashed the unit from Windows to IGEL 11.01.100. Whenever we configure a profile for Imprivata Appliance Mode, the endpoint is not displaying the “Tap your Badge” functionality. It seems as if we lost the driver when we flashed to IGEL. Is any other way I could get IGEL virtual channel for Imprivata to recognize the reader in side the converted endpoint? Thanks in advance.

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Good evening Jamar, I‘m not the Imprivata expert, but there is at least the firmware I would test: 11.03.110, 11.01.100 is a bit outdated.

Yeah, the reason I’m on that version is due to compability issue with older versions of imprivata and IGEL OS 11.03 firmware. I can only get Imprivata appliance mode to work with 11.01 or 11.02.

I believe 11.01.x is still the only supported version as far as 11 is concerned. Virtual channel issues don’t not apply if you never see the “tap your badge” at the logon screen on a fresh boot. Chances are the IGEL OS does not have the drivers for the built-in RFID reader for that HP model. If you plug in a USB badge reader that’s Imprivata supported (eg, IMP-80), does the TYB prompt come up?

Thanks Nick and Sebastien. I ran across that support matrix as well. Your explanation of the drivers not being present is what I thought was the issue. I’m almost certain if we plug in a badge reader all would work. I’m going to have them test that. The customer just wanted to use the unit as it stands today. Again, thanks for your help.

You could replace the one in the unit with a USB one, drill a hole and plug it into a USB slot – LOL

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