After upgrading to IGEL OS 11.03.110 the WiFI stopped working on HP t620 devices

Hello all, We have a customer with the following problem : They updated all there devices to 11.03.110 and works great, but only the HP t620 have a network issue, after the second reboot the Wifi driver is not working anymore and the network device is gone. All other devices don’t have this problem but all there HP t620 do, when they install 11.02 by hand again it works perfect again. Is this a known issue ?

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Hello Sander: My Chipset is working fine on 11.03.110 but since we updated the kernel and the driver support backport, I was expecting a better Wifi support not the contrary 😄

You could try to „unuse“ the backport driver:

System,Registry,Network,drivers.use_backport_driver to False

Hello Sebastien, thank you for your fast reply, we cannot find the option backport_driver to false ? it should be there ?

You are welcome, I‘m at the airport so just a small Screenshot:

We only have the 3 drivers there not the 4th saying use_backport_driver

sorry I see the problem here

we where checking it here on 11.02 instead of 11.03 then the option is there

Is your profile based on 11.03.110?

we will ask the customer to try this, thank you

Ok! Then set this driver and reboot. Keep my fingers crossed.

Sebastien, thank you very much this was the solution 🙂

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