After upgrading to IGEL OS 11.03.500 some users complaining monitors are not staying in extended mode

Hello Everybody – I updated to the newest 11.03.500 build to be able to get access to CPs and I’ve got a few users who now have issues with their monitors and staying in the extended mode. They are either now Not Recognized in Display Switch, or revert to mirrored mode as soon as you log off. My Display Switch profile looks like the image attached to this message. Other than the upgrade I have not made any changes to the entire platform in over a month.

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Upgraded profile level to the 11.03.500 build as well.

Any ideas for me? Thanks in advance

not helpful, but we have the same issue with igel os 11.03.500 on dell notebooks!

Yeah I didn’t see any release note changes regarding display detection, and I can’t for the life of me figure out what is going on

can you fix the issue by downgrading again?

Can try, was hoping to avoid that thought!

Nice idea @member but he updated to benefit from the licensing change in the new firmware (CP creation is now integrated for free in 11.03.500+ and doesn’t require extra licensing)

ok. what means CP?

@member can you confirm or check if it is a bug? we are struggling all day long with this issue…

At IGEL, a Custom Partition is simply an extra storage space in IGEL OS where users can add their own files and programs.

@member I would highly recommend you enable Configure new displays when connected

I’ve toggled that on and off, and it doesn’t seem to make a difference but I can turn it on permanently

did it change something? i wasn’t successful and we played with all options…

@member have you tested with a lower firmware version?

no, because we have only have a valid module for i915 for ios 11.03.500.

BUT: by accident we saw that the settings are stored for other devices (same laptop model, same configuration). we reset the faulty device completely – but it still doesn’t work for this device.

I ended up resorting to downgrading all of my devices because 90% of our workforce is working remote now and I didn’t have the available onsite time to work on it. I’ll have to revisit when we go back onsite with my test machines. Definitely unfortunate

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