After upgrading to IGEL OS 11.04.100 sessions are no longer working

I upgraded a couple of IGELs to the latest 11.04.240 yesterday from 11.04.100, now when I click on my WVD session icon nothing happens, I also notice nothing happens if I click on the Application Launcher.

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I have rolled back to 11.04.100 & factory reset one of them and it’s made no difference. Does anyone have any idea what might have gone on here?

Just in case, does the license section inside of your UMS for that device states Valid licenses.

one says Expired Dec 31 2020

the other says licensed until May 29 2023

Both are showing the same behavior?


just removed my Zoom custom partition and it looks like it’s fixed them both

How did you created the CP by using the KB or Github or was it handled out by Support?

Can’t remember now, but if the Zoom Plugin works it won’t be needed anyway 🙂

If you need CP for Zoom, make sure you build from automated build script found here (should take less than a minute to build):

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