After upgrading to IGEL OS my Citrix Storefront configuration does not work anymore – Error adding store: AM_ERROR_AUTH_NETWORK_ERROR[65275]


After installing Igel OS 11..04.200.01 on a device that had before a UDP with 11.03.595.01, my Citrix Storefront configuration does not work anymore. I receive the following warning : Error adding store: AM_ERROR_AUTH_NETWORK_ERROR[65275].

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I already tried the following workarounds without success:

• Change Citrix client to 19.12.0

• Change registry key for sslciphers to ALL

Connecting to the store ower Browser works.

If I boot again over UDP I receive no errors.

Any help would be appreciated

Hi Steve. I guess your RootCA / Intermediate is deployed to the device, as files, Common purpose?

If yes, are they present under /wfs/ca-certs/ on the endpoint?

Does it work inside a Browser Session?

We had this problem with our test enviroment. On the storefront server the option “Pass-through authentication withc citirx gateway” was enabled but we do not use a gateway there. DIsabling the option helped and it first happened after updating a few Igels to 11.04.200 for some tests.


certificates are present and it works in a Browser. Same configuration works on 11.03.595.

As I’m not the Citrix Admin, I have to wait until next week to check the storefront configuration and check with the admin if we can uncheck this option.

Hi all,

I had a very nice session with @member and we found the resolution.

A Reset to Factory Default resolved the issue and there are no more errors.

Many thanks

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