After upgrading to IGEL OS 11.04.240 the Citrix Workspace “Add account” wizard is shown and can’t cancel the user / password prompt

I just installed IGEL OS 11.04.240 firmware on my laptop via the ICG. The laptop boots and runs Citrix self service via automatic startup, shows the user and password prompt, then after a few moments the Citrix Workspace “Add account” wizard is shown (also when you cancel the user/password prompt). This was not the case with any of the previous firmware updates. Is this intended and should it be disabled via a policy?

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Could you provide a screenshot of that add account field?

I just logged on via the Self Service user/password field. Started an application. Rebooted laptop. Now I receive this additional error which cannot be closed (also not via taskbar).

Just in case, you already had deployed your root / CA to this device, right?

Yes, this is a production environment on which I tested the new firmware on my own laptop. I cannot make a screenshot of the actual add account wizard. But it looks like this one from Citrix Workspace app for Windows

Ok, thank you! Will check if I can reproduce it.

Fyi. I also updated ICG to 2.02.110 this morning. But everything seemed fine after that. UMS is still on 6.05.100.

Went absolutely fluently on my side… Can you try to reset the device to factory defaults and retry?

Same issue. Maybe I can restore to an earlier firmware and try again. It seems that other laptops still work fine with previous firmware.

Reinstalled with 11.04.130 and this solves the problem. Reinstalled 11.04.240 and the problem is back.

Weird, will check further then!

Just to confirm, what version is the profile set to that you are using to configure your Citrix connection?

It is an older profile (11.01.100) version of course missing new functionality. Can I always set it to the latest or do I first need to have all endpoints on the same release?

Can you copy that profile, upgrade the copy to 11.04.240. Take a quick look over the settings, and if it all looks good apply that to your 11.04.240 devices? That may correct the issue.

A copy of the profile (current version) that contains the Citrix self service connection settings have been applied on a test folder with my laptop. The issue still occurs (after making changing to the config and rebooting endpoint). The setting is only applied once on this folder, so no profile ID rank issues.

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