After upgrading to IGEL OS 11.04.270 is unable to logoff after ending citrix session

Hi all, after upgrade to the new 11.04.270 Firmware the functionality logoff after ending citrix session does not work anymore. Is this an known issue? Has anyone an idea for a solution? Thanks

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Hi Daniel, this is a know issue in specific situations… There is a workaround:

pnlogoff -f; killall -9 wfica; user_shutdown


-> system -> firmware customization -> custom commands -> post session

Hi Sebastien, unfortunately this command also doesn’t work. Do you have any other ideas?

Hem… How are you accessing the Citrix: CWA / Browser / Selfservice?

Our users accessing Citrix over CWA. The Login Workflow is Active Directroy Login -> Kerberos Passthrough -> Desktop Start over CWA

With 11.04.240 logoff after ending citrix sessions works without problems

What happens if you copy this command into Commandline on a concerned device, does it work there?

When i run this command directly in the console, the device logs off and goes into standby

The behavior under 11.04.240 is logoff without standby, wich is our preferred behaviour

Weird, can you try my command sent as a PostSession command after a factory reset and only the citrix profile assigned?

So after factory reset and only citrix profile assigned, the behaviour is the same after citrix logoff nothing happens

Then please open a ticket since the workaround should work in the meantime. Would you mind to keep us in the loop?

Ok i will open a ticket. I hope there is an solution for that, because we need the new 11.04.270 for the Webex Fuctionality, but also the logoff behaviour is needed for security. Thanks for your help so far sebastien

@member: Is this going to be corrected in a future firmware? I’m seeing the same thing in .270 (AD logon, CWA passthru, Citrix desktop launch, exit session and user remains logged in when they should be logged out).

Yes, it is already under investigation!

I had reported this under ITRS#2021021510000437 earlier in the week. It’s a bit frustrating as I found it was originally broken in 11.04.240 and am sure I reported it (although I cannot locate the support ticket I raised at the time). It is working in private build 11.04.264 so it is disappointing to see it resurface in a newer production release.

That’s exactly what I’m seeing but I need to do some more tests.

Thanks Seb! Appreciate the lightning fast reply as always ! 🙂

11.04.277 fixes the issue

11.04.277 fixes the issue for me to.Will this fix included in the next public release?

Great to hear!! Yes, it will!

great thanks sebastien

for me only 11.04.264 is stable

can confirm that the 11.05.100 fixed this issue, too

great, thanks

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