After upgrading to IGEL OS 11.3.110 the WiFi could not be established?

HI, after Upgrade to Igel OS 11.3.110 the WiFi could not be established because, Igel dont recognize the WiFi Adapter. With OS11.3.100 all works like a charm. COuld someone please send me a link to OS 11.3.100 Please?

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Right-click on Universal Firmware Update in the Server section in the UMS and check for new firmware updates. In the popping window you can go for an older version and download it.

@member I don’t think 11.03.100 is available

i dont have internet on the ums server right now. but i can download it via citrix files or sharefile

@member you’re right – we retired that one.

@member download it from our homepage, in the UMS same section but go for “Firmware Archive (ZIP-File)…” but as David mentioned, the 100 isn’t available any longer.

but i need it. WiFi is not working after update to 11.3.110.

and a downgrade to an earlyer version of 11.3 is not possible, because of the signed bootloader

you can open a support ticket and get a signed 11.02.x one, but only that way.

tip: always grap each FW 🙂

In the release notes… did you try and disable the use of backport drivers:

“`### WiFi

Added backports kernel drivers with version 5.3.6-1 for better WiFi support.

Disabled backports drivers for Microsoft Surface Laptop 3.

Added new registry key to enable or disable the use of the backport drivers

(reboot is needed):


| Parameter | `Use the newer backport drivers for WiFi.` |


| Registry | `network.drivers.use_backport_drivers` |


| Range | [Default] [False] [True] |


| Value | Default* (normally use backport drivers) |


yea, this resolved the issue. thank you @member IOU a Beer

✍️ noted 🙂


@member ha?

just laughing at you incrementing your free beer tally

always a good thing to have 😄

I’m happy to share!


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