All display settings are reset after IGEL OS update

We’ve been updating our devices’ firmware from 10.05 to 10.06 and after the update, all display settings are reset, such as resolution and which monitor is on the left/right. Is there any way to preserve these settings when updating the OS?

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did you configure them with the display switch utility, or in Setup/via UMS?

With 10.06 there’s a new Display Switch utility, that’s incompatible with the configuration from the old one (sadly).

There should be a known issue about that somewhere…

We configured them with the display switch utility.

When we go from 10.06 to OS 11, are we likely to see this issue again?

Display switch is a local stored stuff. I prefer to set up a multi monitor profile with basic settings lile auto detect etc. (With the maximum basic settings you need) and in addition providing display switch to the user.

Problem was, that the older Switcher Profile are worked VERY bad with many side effects in the new Switcher….

No. 10.06 and newer use the same (new) Display Switch. The profiles will be preserved.

Like Udo said, the intention was for users to have static settings set up via Setup/UMS and only use the Display Switch utility, for systems that change often (fsvo often).

From the feedback it’ became apparent, that this model and reality don’t quite align.

Life would be too easy without users

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