Hi everyone,

a customer tells me the error in question from an IGEL OS 11 latest version, connecting to a Citrix infrastructure via NetScaler.

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The Citrix structure is published via Netscaler; the same client, if connected to a public internet connection (e.g. 4G wifi hotspot or from our remote office network) works correctly, while if connected to the client’s company network, it presents the indicated error.

From the customer’s internal networks there are no restrictions on access to the published Netscaler service, in fact other Windows and Mac clients or workstations are already accessing the farm without problems always pointing to the FQDN name also used from outside.

We found some articles that refer to the impossibility for the IGEL client to build and validate the entire certificate chain, so we proceeded to upload the certificate, root CA and intermediary files as described by the support but nothing changes; the fact remains that the same client works if it “arrives” from the internet.

Thanks again for your support and keep up the good work.

Which one is the latest IGEL OS for you? 😅

Have you seen this one?


trying this, keep you updated. Tank you for now!

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