Any advice for updating UMS 6 to UMS 12?

Hi everyone. We are starting to schedule updates from IGEL OS 11 to 12, and I would like to start with the Update from UMS 6 to UMS 12. Currently we only manage IGEL OS 11 devices and we have and ICG 2.X. IS there any know issues that we need to be aware of? The documentation seems to be very straight forward, so just want to make sure if anyone experienced some troubles.

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First step. Update to UMS12 is totally recommended and easy:

More info:

Then, before to migrate devices to OS12, verify that OS12 has all your environment requirements (Sessions, Apps, etc.).

I suppose that you can update ICG with any of these methods, BUT I ̈M NOT TESTED THEM:

More ICG-12 info:

Next, test with new installed OS12 devices.

Finally, wait to the end of this year because IGEL will release a OS11 to OS 12 migration method.

COSMOS info (OS12, UMS12 and ICG12):

Amazing thanks!

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