Any examples of IGEL UMS running with 1000s of IGEL OS devices?

Anyone here managing 2-6k thin clients? If so, what does your UMS setup look like? We have two UMS servers that also have the HA/load balancing options installed, but are seeing weird sync issues. One option was to move the load balancers to separate servers, but I’m curious to hear from customers on which route they went. We’ve had so many issues that I’m considering just blowing it up and going with a single server.

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Hi Nick, I have. In general, I would setup 3-4 Server for 6K. On every server, LB and UMS Server. I know we that recommend to separate them, but I do it quite rarely tbh. Did you already opened a ticket, btw.? I guess someone should review the setup together with you. I wouldn‘t recommend to do a single UMS Instance, since you might experience Waiting or failed requests because of network communication limitations; they are more or less independent from the number of cores/amount of RAM.

We do have a ticket open, but it seems that everyone at IGEL has a different opinion on what we should do, which is why I was trying to see what other customers are doing. This has not been a good experience for us.

Hey Nick @member is correct. Let me ask you a question. Is there a real need to use HA/LB for 2-6k devices? Are you also aware that the devices dont look to UMS constantly. It only looks at UMS for updates. So if your UMS server was to go down, the devices will still run on last known configuration. We have customers that are running 100k devices with no LB needed.

I personally don’t see the point of the LB function in IGEL, especially if we’re using DNS round robin for the alias. I think we’ve built our environment more complex than it needs to be, especially given that we’ve had nothing but issues with the config.

I have right under 6K on a single server. Works fine. I do need to update the UMS though. I am on 6.03.100

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