any ideas for igeltuning/citrixpolicytuning to get good experience with UD6?


First experience with autocad on win10 v1903 and nvidiagrid 4gb card

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running fine on receiver started from windows workstation, rubberbandeffect with mouse on UD6/UD3/UD2 (lag, cadmodel turns further ~200ms? than expected/mouse stopped)

H264codec used

min 20FPS and max 60FPS in citrixpolicy

standard cable mouse

any ideas for igeltuning/citrixpolicytuning to get good experience with UD6?

Hi, first of all, I would start with installing the workspace app 1907 which fixes a few issues. Which Firmware version of Win10 IoT are you using?

sorry for the misunderstanding

IGELS are running OS11 linux (and witht he described problem)

i ran workspace app on a standard fatclient, and there everything runs smooth without lag/tubberbandeffect

Oh, I‘m misreading your post, my mistake, at least on UD2, I should have thought about Linux😁

Will send you a PM with Firmware that you can test there.

Can you share a few screenshots about following settings set in your profiles:

Sessions,Citrix,Citrix Global:

Native USB Redirection (if turned on, please turn it off and retry)

HDX Multimedia


will try tomorrow at customers location and send feedback, thx

USB Redirection deactivated, currently trying with previewbuild 11.02.151 – feedback soon

Hi, problem with Autocad/Inventor and rubberbandmouse under IGEL OS11 could only be solved with setting the citrix policy (graphic status indicator) to lossless.

Tried vdpaucodec in registry and everything, tried ud2/3/6 – all the same laggy response from the mouse

Did you try a UD7 as well? Or on an Intel NUC with a UDP, e.g.?

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