Any issue running IGEL UMS SQL DB in Azure?

Guys any issue running UMS SQL DB in Azure leveraging Azure SQL PAAS from On-Prem DB with good links to Azure?

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Hi Chris, where is the UMS server located in your case? On Azure too?

UMS server will not be on Azure. It will be on PREM with a 1 Gb pipe in between DC and Azure

I usually don‘t recommend to have the UMS Server and the DB on two different locations…

Make sense, DBA was stating they have done this for many install and have not run into issue, plus you don’t need to maintain servers

Ok, please keep us in the loop, would be interesting to gather your experience!

Tested. I was able to establish connection to PAAS SQL server. Need to do some more testing

We tried this but told it didn’t work for us. Azure SQL PAAS didn’t support the “Default_Database=rmdb” piece in the creation of the database. That was first hiccup. After that we were told that Azure SQL PAAS is not yet supported by UMS 6.03/04. Did you have better results?

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