Any luck with the Intel Compute Stick working with IGEL OS?

@member I’m looking into using Intel Compute Stick with UDC for use at one of our production screens. Since you already have them in place – would you mind sharing your experience with me?

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Or is there anybody else here who is using Intel Compute Stick (or similar) with UDC by any chance?

Some background info: I’m in the need for displaying product drawings/measurement data via web browser on some >50” TV screens on the shop floor. Having a full dedidacted UD3 or similar feels a bit like an overkill.

We were trying Rasperry Pie’s, even got them to work…but urgh, no central management and frankly feels a bit like a playground.

Guess what I basically would need is a UD Pocket connecting to a 50” screen 😎

Any help is highly appreciated.

@member I have Asus Vivostick (TS-10) converted with UDC3, works with UDP as well of course. Works just fine. A customer of mine use same kind of Vivostick for the exact same concept as you mention.

Thanks Mattias – will have a look on the Asus then! 👍

@member We have been using the Intel Compute sticks for some time as “Point of Care” terminals in hospitals. They’ve been really good, particularly with UDC3. Wireless has been perfect, display god, battery life is good. Price is even better.

Has any of you guys gotten audio via HDMI out to work?

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