Any modifications done by IGEL to the Citrix Workspace App on IGEL OS?

Dear all, depending the citrix workspace app. Are there any modifications done by IGEL or is it the same as we can download from Citrix Website? If so, can you please describe modifications? Thank you so much!!!

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afaik IGEL uses the unmodified Linux CWA client from Citrix

Dear Konrad and René, the CWA engine itself is pretty much standard but everything around it (configuration, login masks, etc.) are IGEL ones.

May I ask what exact purpose you are looking at?

Hi Sebastien, I still discover problems in Softphone voice calls on IGEL via Citrix. Broken calls, sound quality not at best, calls get not established. I open up a trouble Ticket at Citrix to get support. The Citrix support engineer ask me, what are the modifications done by IGEL to the CWAL. BR Konrad

Hi Konrad, I would open your Citrix session via Browser and set this attached setting. That would reset the CWA Client to Citrix Defaults to “No modifications”:

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