Any plans to support Teams Optimization Pack for VMware?

Teams Optimization Pack for VMware, I think it is at this time not supported for Igel OS but do you know if there al plans for this. Personally I find my video calls with Horizon RTAV not from the same quality as in Citrix with the Optimization Pack enabled.

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> Microsoft Teams

> Microsoft Teams can be used with RTAV in “Fallback Mode”. This configuration is not an optimal solution as the data makes multiple hops between the Horizon client, server, and Microsoft Teams server. For more information, see Configuring Microsoft Teams with Real-Time Audio-Video.

> Microsoft Teams media optimization (single-hop or “Optimized Mode”) in Horizon sessions is currently only supported with the Horizon client for Windows 10 in conjunction with Horizon 8 (2006). For more information, see Microsoft Teams Optimization with VMware Horizon.


Depends on the Horizon client atm

Oke, we use the last firmware version for OS10 and OS11 and both are 5.4.1 I think. Then my current configuration is good for now. Still hope dat there will be a Teams optimization for Horizon soon πŸ˜‡

A second question is can the OS Kernel version make a difference in quality eg. could the av quality be better with the OS 11 Kernel as with the OS 10 kernel? Peronally I don’t think so but one of my colleagues thought he read that somewhere (but could not find the article again).

It might @member since update also Drivers like h264 acceleration and GPU support evolves! But the changes are not a difference like a day/night feelingπŸ‘

Oke, so no big difference between OS 10 and OS 11 as far as you know (and you know a lot!)


I mean the RTAV topic is more related to change a lot if the Protocol you are using is getting optimized by vendor. So, playing a video locally in Totem might reflect minor changes, on VDI or TS it might reflect more changes if the client evolves.

As I said; I just wait for a Horizon Teams Optimization Pack for Linux OS……😎

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