Any possibility to programming a script for Win 10 and provide it with an IGEL Profile?

We use Win 10 IoT and IGEL OS 11 clients.

At the linux clients we use the TC Info script and I ́m really impressed about that.

Now we have the Win 10 clients, where we need the same script.

Is there any possibility to programming a similar script for Win 10 and provide it with a profile?

You mean a popup that shows informations regarding the PC, right? Is BGInfo an alternative maybe?

Here you would need a partial update, I will have a look, if you confirm that it fits.

Is it possible to have the TC Info application available when the device is in appliance mode (Imprivata, for example)?

Can’t test atm, but if you are using the Notifiy-send-message function as a custom application, you should be able to set the checkbox “Appliance mode access” in the main config page (where you set the name of the app, hotkeys, autostart, etc…)

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