Recommendations using VDI to burn (or read) optical discs on IGEL OS?

Does anyone have any recommendations for people who use VDI? and need to burn (or read) optical discs? For people who are distant from the datacenter, it seems like the data upload and download requirements are quite high for this to work.

You nailed it. Reading disks is pretty straight forward, when mapping or redirecting the Drive, Burning works from my experience only on redirection and in high-speed LAN (100/1000) and with server onsite. Let‘s see what others have to share, but that‘s my experience.

Some customers use network Cd burner stations…

I usually question the need for burning discs in the first place. Usually direct towards an enterprise file sync and sharing tool

You can’t beat physics…

We have gotten away from this practice but in our early VDI days we would set up a dedicated CD burner station in remote sites with access to ShareFile which we used to sync the data to/from the station so it could then be burned locally.

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