Any special configurations required to use USB-C docking stations with IGEL?

Are there any special configurations required to use usb-c docking stations with IGEL? I can’t seem to get the ethernet working when connecting an igel device to a usb-c dock. I even tried to set usb access control whitelisting defaults to allow all.

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The USB C Dock support is limited IMHO, do you have a Ubuntu live stick to boot from by any chance? Just to check if the Linux Support is given.

Which Model/brand are you testing?

Don’t have an ubuntu stick on hand but i can easily make one and test it out. I was initially testing with a Dell WD15 dock. Are docking stations in general limited support or just the USB-C ones?

USB C ones for the moment because every vendor is more or less doing their own integration…

Ok, good to know. Thanks. I’ll try to test ubuntu on it and maybe we can push dell for some better linux integration 🙂

Network is working on my HP G2 dock.

Maybe you have to enable the second NIC with an UMS Profile

I am testing this at the moment with Dynabook laptops in combination with a HP G5 docking station.

Biggest issue for now is that the external displays are not recognised correctly when docking (made a quick fix with opening & closing the laptop lid to force the monitor recognition), and attaching the laptop with closed lid to the docking station does not work properly yet 😉.

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