Anybody know where I can find the official manual for IGEL UMS?

Anybody know where I can find the official manual for UMS 4.09.110?

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That‘s an really old build, I will have a look but I guess that it will start with 5.

Here is one of 5:

Guess what… I found one on my NAS, from a former company:

A version 4, don’t ask… but I also have a doc for UMS 3… I’m getting old…

Thanks a ton. Don’t tell my friends but we’re running UMS 4. lol

I never tell a secret… 🙂 But let me double check another version, I believe it’s only in german…

What’s the quickest way to learn German?

Drinking beer in a regular manner and in rough quantity brings it without effort :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

I found the link, but not PDF, to the online manual, hope it helps?! Please give a hint if not, I could ask for it…

Just an idea (my memory may fail), but on older builds we delievered the UMS Manual as pdf during installation on the UMS Server. You could search for *.pdf in C:Program Files (x86)Igel . There is a little chance!

Ok, mehr Bier, check. That’s exactly what I needed to hear, jk. I’ll check that link and I’ll check that filepath. Danke schoen!

Well, I tried this and didn’t find anything: ls -Path c: -Filter ‘igel’ -Recurse -Force -File

So I guess it’s not on my system

The Web page seems Wunderbar though. Works for me. Thanks.

That’s great! I’m pretty sure that this folder (C:Program Files (x86)IGELRemoteManager) is there somewhere (maybe on d: ?) if we are speaking about the UMS Server an not another machine. Keep my fingers crossed!

I did find that folder but the manual must have gotten deleted somehow. It’s ok. The Web page is good enough.😎

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