Anybody running IGEL OS on Dell Wyse 5010?

Has anybody has any success with flashing the igel OS onto a Dell Wyse (Windows Embedded) D0xd – 5010

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Hi, just looking at the datasheet

Looks like it should handle it. comes with 2gb of ram on Linux variant

having said that the CPU is only 1.4 ghz, and recommended is 2ghz

try it with a UD Pocket!

@member – i cant get the option to show up to boot to USB even thought the USB to Boot device is enabled

is Secure Boot enabled?

if so, try change to legacy mode

I have several 5010’s running IGEL without issues. In order to convert them (pretty much any DELL/WYSE) you need to go into the BIOS and enable USB booting. Press DEL during startup and enter Fireport (note the uppercase F) as the password. on the Advanced tab set Boot from USB to enabled. I have my boot mode set to UEFI… Reboot and tap the ‘P’ key repedidly to get the boot menu where you can select your USB drive.

Thanks I got it working with no issues now

@member What OS version do you have installed on your 5010s? I have installed up to the latest release of OS 11 but the terminals never fully shutdown. The screen goes black but the monitor never goes to sleep and the light on the front of the terminal never goes off. It has to be manually powered down by holding the power button.

Hmmm, @member I have the newest OS installed

@member you have 11.02.100 installed on 5010s and they work fine?

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