Anyone come across Splashtop on IGEL OS?

Hi All,

Anyone come across Splashtop? Looks like it would need to be installed on the IGEL and connect to a remote workstation (like TeamViewer from what iv quickly read).

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Seems to have a Linux installer, sure I saw it say Beta somewhere but cant find it now.

Maybe a custom partition someone has already done?



Hi Dan. I didn‘t tbh. and the internal search didn‘t bring back something useful.

@member maybe?

I’m traveling today. I’ll take a look when I get back.

Morning Ron, did you have any thoughts on this or manage to take a look?

Not yet. I’ll block out some time to look into it.

Thanks Ron appreciate the help

@member I have a version to test out…

@member PM me if you want to try out my CP build to compare to yours.

Looks great Ron – OS11 build just to confirm?

Yep… OS11

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