Anyone else notice slow IGEL OS firmware updates when Buddy Update is enabled?

Anyone else notice slow firmware updates when Buddy Update is enabled? I’m using a new UD2 as the Buddy Update server, and the clients are painfully slow. This is all on a gigabit LAN, and the server and clients are basically on the same switch, too.

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I honestly haven’t tested buddy updates for over a year. Wish I could help, but…

My experience has been the opposite as pushing updates from a buddy device is far faster for remote branches. While we recently ordered a batch of UD2 devices, these have not made their way to our other offices. So, not a complete comparison to your setup. We have a mix of Dell Wyse 5010 and 5060, with the 5010 being the most common model deployed.

It seems to be taking nearly twice as long to update via buddy as opposed to UMS. We don’t want to use UMS for this, since the site is on a very slow link, so I’m hoping to somehow make this a little better. It’d help if disabling firmware features worked (doesn’t appear to be working for us).

I’ll assume yes, but have you double-checked configuration of other devices (router, firewall, etc.) on these subnets to ensure that there isn’t anything set to throttle traffic from the buddy update server to the clients? And, I second your desire for being able to disable firmware features that we don’t use. In my environment using the buddy update method, I’ve been upgrading thin clients from 11.02.x to 11.03.520 (again, mostly Dell Wyse 5010, with a few 5060’s here and there). I anticipate soon-ish that I’ll be able to perform buddy updates with a UD2, and will let you know what I experience.

There’s nothing in between these devices – they’re all connected to the same gigabit switch.

Well, found our issue, which opened another can of worms. This UD2 will only connect at 10MBit. Replace it with any other UD2 we have (same cables, same ports), and they connect at gigabit speeds. This one won’t go past 10.


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