Anyone ever connect a USB DVD player to a IGEL OS thin client?

Anyone ever connect a usb dvd player to a igel thin client?

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So, a lot of VDI vendors have limited (if any support) for redirected DVD / CD. What exactly are you trying to do with it?

read and write dvd’s

I have had customer’s who attempted this in the past. It basically doesn’t work. IIRC you can mount finalised DVD drives locally on OS11 and then share the mounted folder to the VDI session via Drive Mapping. But you can’t burn DVDs and I don’t think the customer ever got DVDs to actually play either.

Yea, you can sometimes read / copy files off of DVD / CD drives. Usually you would do that by redirecting the USB device, but streaming or recording video just doesn’t work well in a VDI environment.

I will keep pounding….at it.

If you are using redirection, the problem is that the data from the disc needs to go from the thin client to wherever the virtual machine is. If you are playing a video, the raw data from the disc is going from the thin client (wherever it is) to the virtual machine (wherever that is). Then, that virtual machine is going to interpret that data and put it on its screen. Then, for the user to see it, the virtual machine needs to encode the D.V.D. output as part of its video stream and send it back to the thin client, which interprets that and renders it on the screen.

If you’re burning a disc (using a virtual machine), it’s sort of backward — the raw data that you are trying to burn to the disc needs to go from the virtual machine (in the datacenter) to the thin client (in the user’s house, for example). Either way, it’s a lot of data in either direction.

Well put @member

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