Anyone experience the IGEL automatic licensing stopping to work one day?

Anyone experience the automatic licensing stopping to work one day? Been working fine for months, have plenty of licenses available but new devices are “Waiting for license” until we manually license them in the UMS. Test connection from deployment section works fine.

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could you check if the time / date on the endpoint is set?

What @member said, Thats the only thing that causes this to not work for us

Yeah time and date looks good. After reboot it assigns a Starter license and stops looking for a license, not sure if that’s expected when this issue occurs.

oh jeez it’s May 4th isn’t it 😛

ok so time and date are correct now, but still not pulling down the license automatically

Which firmware version are you using?

11.03.500 is how they come in

Could you try an update to 11.05.133 on one device just to see if it works then? I‘m having some issues on older 11.03 builds (not saying it will solve the issue).

I have one being done manually on 11.04.240 so let me see if that has same issue

Hmm, same thing on 11.04.240. Going to try rebooting the server tonight.

Have you let it sit a long time? On rare occasion I see the same, but usually if I let it sit for a while it does eventually get it. I’ve used the “manual assignment” to get it going if there’s a rush.

I used to instruct users to reboot after 10 minutes if there was no progress.

Hi Milan, yes some of these have been sitting for hours. I’ve seen this happen on rare occasion in the past but seems like now none are automatically getting the license now. I’m going to try the reboot.

Are the devices getting „it“ if you push a config, by right click the endpoint, Other commands, Settings UMS => TC?

Rebooting server fixed the issue. Thanks all.

Good to hear. Any indications that the server throttling in anyway? (CPU or RAM)? Or potentially ICG reporting errors? I saw also sort of abnormal TC registration behaviours when the SQL server was pegging at 95%+CPU.

@member We’ve been having performance issues on 6.07.100. Resources look fine but we’ve been getting a bunch of errors in db logs. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s related in some way.

I’m looking to upgrade to 6.07.100. Maybe I should hold off?

I don’t have that much negative feedback on 6.07.100 tbh. but reading Josephs concerns (and a few others) and will pass them to our colleagues just to be sure!

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