Anyone experienced issue with Citrix logoff in IGEL OS 11.04 and/or 11.05

Hi all – anyone experienced issue with Citrix logoff in 11.04.* and 11.05.*?*

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What I have is AD authentication on IGel Clients, then Citrix Workspace is auto started and credentials passed to authenticate.

When Citrix session is disconnected or logged off, with firmware 11.03.* it would logoff user.

With 11.04.* and 11.05.* it just leaves IGEL logged in which basically allow anyone to login with previous user credentials.

My pre-sales guy is not responding so I have to ask here….

Logoff profile attached.

Hi Vojin, how are you starting the Citrix session?

from another customer I noticed that too. Could you check if this workaround works on your side?

pnlogoff -f; killall -9 wfica; user_shutdown


-> system -> firmware customization -> custom commands -> post session

This is startup profile:

this command is not what I want to do. It prompts users if they want to suspend system, and they can click cancel and leave it like that

will keep 11.03.580 for this customer POC, but will have to put in note to check if this is fixed before going to production…

Is that working then?

pnlogoff -f; killall -9 wfica; logoff


another issue I just discovered…. if you are in zoom meeting with video turned on, and you leave session – it logs you out of IGEL

Command not working with newest public firmware

same with 11.04.270

reverting back to 11.03.580 and changing action to “Logoff”. Leaving command with 11.03.580 works but it takes ~30 seconds to logoff, with plain “Logoff” action it is within few seconds

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