Anyone experienced the double hop mouse cursor issue on IGEL OS?

Good afternoon, has anyone experienced the double hop mouse cursor issue? We upgraded our Citrix VDA and we are getting reports of the cursor disappearing within Citrix applications. I was researching the slack channel about this and found a prior post in a similar situation but it seems there wasn’t a clear cut solution mention.

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Try this registry key on your first hop:

Path: HKLMSOFTWARE{WOW6432Node]CitrixICA clientEngineConfigurationAdvancedModulesThinwire3.0


Type: REG_SZ

Data: 0

And restart the computer after applying.

This was the workaround provided to us by Citrix and seems to fix it every time

We had a similar issue and fixed it by setting ica.wfclient.cursorstipple to Solid Black in the Igel registry. Going to have to Test Josh’s answer though since If I remember correctly the Igel setting worked but wasn’t perfect.

I have that cursorstipple setting applied via IGEL, as well, in combination with that VDA registry value.

I have the regkey in place atm. I will try that registry entry on the IGEL side as well. Thanks everyone!

It looks like the cursorstipple was the missing piece

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