Anyone has used FabulaTech USB feature in IGEL OS?

Anyone has used FabulaTech USB feature in Igel? I am trying to map an Oscilloscope into a VDI session but don’t get it to work on Igel UDC. It works from a Windows Endpoint with the FabulaTech Windows Workstation component but not on Igel Linux OS. The device is there in the device manager on VDI but can’t catch the data stream from the Oscilloscope app. As said it works with USB connected to a Windows endpoint. Any tips?

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So you see the oscilloscope in the VDI through Fabulatech but the device does not work? Make sure native USB redirection is turned off on the IGEL.

Yep, the device is there and shows up in the device manager but does not work when accessing it with the application. Native (generic) USB redirecton feature from Citrix is disabled.

I don’t have a clue why it doesn’t work. Maybe the Oscilloscope is a USB composite device that presents differently to Windows then to Linux. On the Linux command line lsusb -v will give you a very complete overview what kind of USB devices are connected. Try to figure out if the Oscilloscope shows up differently between Windows and Linux and maybe we can fix it

Seems the issue is solved with the latest FabulaTech client which will be part of 10.05.100. Well sadly the latency/bandwith looks to be still an issue to do useful work with the mapped Oscilloscope.

Are you using an IGEL thin client or a converted device?

UDC converted HP ProBool

It’s hard to tell if all the hardware is supported since an HP Probook is like a VW Golf. It can be anything from diesel to GTI or full electric.

Works with the the new IGEL OS 10.05.100

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