Anyone have a CUPS drivers for Lexmark 3150dn on IGEL OS?

Does anyone have the CUPS Linus drivers for Lexmark 3150dn? Thanks

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Should be this one?!

Great, I’ll give it a try. Thank you.

Hint: if you wonder how to integrate,

you can deploy the ppd into /wfs/ppd/Lexmark-M3150-Postscript-Lexmark.ppd

and add your printer in the Setup or UMS with:

Manufacturer: Custom

Driver definition: lsb/usr/custom/Lexmark-M3150-Postscript-Lexmark.ppd

at the moment we have a problem to integrate a .ppd Driver….

i transfered the .ppd driver into /wfs.

to add the printer in ums we have this settings:

Manufacturer: Custom

Driver definition: /wfs/nameofthedriver.ppd

cant find a path like “lsb/usr/custom/”

Device: UD3-LX 50 with FW 5.13.100

@member you would have to insert one additional command as Final network command (System=>Firmware Customization=>Custom commands=>Network) like this cp /wfs/nameofthedriver.ppd /services/cups/share/ppd/custom

Reboot and check that the file is available under /services/cups/share/ppd/custom

the driver definition should then be configured like this: lsb/usr/custom/nameofthedriver.ppd

@member Thanks for your quick response. i had insert the additional command. dumb question: how i can see the content of “custom” in /wfs/nameofthedriver.ppd /services/cups/share/ppd ??

Console says: No such file or directory

the command cp means copy. So if you open a local terminal on endpoint (Accessories=>Terminal), login as root, ll /services/cups/share/ppd/custom/

ll will list all files in the target directory, you would have to check if your ppd file is there.

hmm.. didn ́t see the ppd file

don’t forget the /at the end of custom

then the output ist again “no such file or directory” :man-shrugging:

only can see the ppd file in the wfs folder

ok, I see the issue. Don’t mind, delete the copy command, and replace the driver definition path in your cups printer profile by /wfs/yourprinter.ppd

The Directory /wfs/ppd seems to be gone in our actual firmware. I added it manually to =>System=>Firnware Customization=>Custom Commands=>Network=>After Network DNS I added the command mkdir /wfs/ppd

okay changed the driver definition path in cups printer profile to:


how can i see which driver is in use by the printer?

First: In Terminal: cupsctl WebInterface=yes

Then in a webbrowser on endpoint: localhost:631

If further infos are needed, I would suggest to have a look on Cups Help Pages, because it is a really huge topic.

thx @member Driver seems to be integrated correctly.

You are welcome! Have a great weekend!

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