Anyone have experience of updating IGEL OS clients firmware on mass using SFTP via Internet?

Morning all. Does anyone have experience of updating internet clients firmware on mass using SFTP ( or similar HTTPS etc ) who could share best practice or experiences. We will need to to provide firmware to hundreds of devices at a time for home users. Our dev sftp server is in Azure but it can only cope with say 6 upgrades at a time at about 8 mins per client.

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Morning Peter, I don‘t but let‘s see what the Community gives back.

Hi Peter, so @member just did a really great talk during Disrupt Unite about remote repos(IIS, AWS S3, Azure Blob.) Maybe something using multi region Blobs in Azure? You’d need profiles that set these obviously, but template keys should help simplify that. Views that pull devices with specific time zone profiles and assign regional storage blob profiles based on those time zones could work too. Or…default directory rules that look for time zones and firmware versions, route them to update directories, then route them back out after the upgrade? If I remember correctly there was a high-throughput option for Azure Block Blob storage announced quite a while back that may be worth looking in to. I’m really interested to see what others have to say about this too.

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