Anyone having success configuring login to IGEL OS thin client using AD?

Hey guys, anyone having success configuring login to IGEL thin client using AD ?

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I have done 2 settings under security. Good news is, the login screen appeared but after input the correct credentials, nothing happen. It didn’t show me the desktop as intended. Is there anything else that I need to configure ?

We use AD login on our internal thin clients

What do you have in your profile?

just to verify, your domain name is

assuming that pmcs is a subdomain of and not a servername

looking at your settings, they all look correct to me, with the assumption above.

oh, wait. I just noticed we had to configure this also:

We thought this would cover it, but until we added a list of domain controllers under Domain 1, we couldn’t get it to work.

We didn’t spend much time troubleshooting why it wasn’t working with the auto discover settings, but I probably should look into it. 😉

What David said – the thin client might not be able to properly resolve what DC to contact just from your domain, so manually specifying your DC names may help

I want to say that Kerberos resolves the KDC (Key Distribution Center, aka your Domain Controllers) by taking the domain name and looking for specific _kerberos SRV records

Thanks for suggestion, let me test and share with you guys the results. It will be interesting to understand how it should be configured

Good news, I managed to get it up running after input the IP address for Domain Controller at Domain 1. Thank you for suggestions

i disabled this option – DNS lookup for domain controller and it is still working

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