Anyone know if it’s possible to specify the com port # with a com port mapping on IGEL OS?

Anyone know if it’s possible to specify the com port # with a com port mapping? I’m mapping a Topaz usb to serial signature pad and I need it to be com9 on the RDSH desktop session, but when adding the rule, it automatically maps it to COM1. Local Device: /dev/usbserial/ttyUSB_V0403_P6001 Server Device: \ClientCOM1

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Using Generic (Native) USB redirection?

@member I forget, are you using Citrix or Horizon?

No. I have it set to DENY in our USB redirection rules. (when passing as USB, it maps to com9 automatically, based on the defined port# within the topaz software, but then the device appears in device manager and com9 is tied to the first user on that RDSH server. We’re running Xendesktop Server 2016 published desktops. I need to pass it as a serial device, then the com port is tied to the desktop session and not the RDSH server) The topaz device has the FTDI usb to serial chip, and the drivers for it are apparently baked into the igel code because I can select the device under COM mapping and successfully map it to the session. It functions perfectly. But I need it to map as com9, not com1.

Check out the Citrix article, it looks like you can remap it once it is in the session with a script. May be able to get it that way.

I did see that article and will go that route if I have to………was hoping it could be defined on the igel end.

I don’t believe so, because it’s not exposed in the Citrix receiver from what I can tell. On a call right now, but I can do some research when I wrap up here.

Thanks Chris.

@member haven’t dug into this a lot yet (still on the call), but it looks like you may be able to set a registry key that you could inject into the image possibly.

@member I’m not sure that would work in this scenario. We need a consistent port# within each desktop session. This looks like it would be at the server level?

Yea, it would have to be done at the server level. Basically remapping it on the server from COM1 to COM 9

Are you using WEM by chance? You may be able to use it to run a script on reconnect to remap COM1 to COM9 if COM1 exists

We are using WEM………..but I’d much rather pass it as COM9 from the start, if possible. Talking with Topaz, they said their contact at igel said it’s possible to map it to COM9 on the igel side………but 5 of us here have taken a crack at it with no success.

@member Have you tried in UMS, COM mapping USBCOM1 to \ClientCom#? That’s what we are doing with our Topaz BSB pads, and no USB redirection for those sig pads. It’s working for us.

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